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About Product

easy to consume
Vitamin C, which is difficult to absorb,
Deliver it all the way to the inside.

Although vitamin C is essential for beauty and health, it is easy to consume and difficult to absorb, so it is easy to become deficient.
If you supplement with a supplement born from Lypo-Capsule technology, it will reach deep inside.
A generous 1,000mg of vitamin C is trapped inside a capsule made of phospholipid, which is compatible with the human body.
We aimed to improve absorption with uniform, microscopic capsules and smooth liquid.

About Vitamin C

Point 01

For beauty and health,
Vitamins essential for modern life

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is involved in various functions in the body. It is necessary to support collagen, plays an important role in maintaining beauty conditions, and is also essential for maintaining health. In addition, because we consume more than usual due to busy days, stress, and unstable lifestyle habits such as staying up all night, it can be said to be an essential nutrient for those of us who live in modern times.

Point 02

cannot be produced in the body,
Difficult to absorb even if ingested

Humans cannot produce vitamin C within their bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to take it from outside, but if your eating habits are disordered, you tend to get insufficient amounts from regular meals. Furthermore, even if you ingest more than a certain amount of vitamin C, it is difficult to absorb, and much of it is excreted from the body, and the more you ingest, the less absorbed the amount is.

Point 03

How much do you need per day?

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's recommended dietary intake is 100mg per day, but according to a survey * of businesses that handle Lypo-C, the average intake that doctors consider necessary is 2,400mg per day. Approximately 90% of doctors surveyed answered that `` 100mg is not enough'' for reasons such as ``due to busy work and interpersonal relationships'' and ``increasing health concerns in recent years.''

*Survey conducted among offices that handle Lypo-C (77 medical doctors) as of November 2022

Why Lypo-C?

With Lypo-C,
Vitamin C reaches all the way to the inside.

With Lypo-C,
Firmly inside
Vitamin C arrives.

With Lypo-Capsule technology in pursuit of absorbency,
Delivers vitamin C to the inside.

Pursuing absorbency
With Lypo-Capsule technology,
Not just ingestion,
Delivers vitamin C to the inside.

Lypo-C Vitamin C・ Lypo-Capsule Vitamin C

What is lypo capsule technology?

  • Active ingredients are trapped in phospholipid capsules that are compatible with the human body.
  • Pursuing absorbency with micro capsules with a uniformity of approximately 100 nm (nanometers)
  • Delivered in a smooth liquid form that is easily absorbed
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Recommended for people who don't eat many foods that contain a lot of vitamin C, or for people who lead busy lives that consume a lot of vitamin C. Also great for when you want to show off a little more power than usual, such as before an important day.


  • 01

    Uses high quality vitamin C

    For vitamin C, we use "Q®-C" made in Scotland by DSM, headquartered in Switzerland. This is high-quality vitamin C that has passed DSM's strict voluntary manufacturing safety standards, including traceability of raw materials and non-genetically modified ingredients. Q® is a registered trademark of DSM.

  • 02

    No unnecessary additives

    It does not contain any unnecessary additives such as sweeteners, colorants, flavorings, preservatives, etc. Therefore, it tastes like seawater, which comes from the sodium used to stabilize the vitamin C and liposomes.

  • 03

    Manufactured in a domestic GMP certified factory

    Manufactured in a domestic GMP certified factory. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a certification system by a third-party organization supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that guarantees proper manufacturing and quality control. *This product was manufactured in a GMP certified factory (certification number 25417). It has not undergone individual examination for the GMP product mark.

Lypo-C Vitamin C・ Lypo-Capsule Vitamin C

Easily consumed and difficult to absorb
Deliver vitamin C to the inside.

easy to consume
Vitamin C, which is difficult to absorb,
Deliver it all the way to the inside.

Lypo-C Vitamin C

Vitamin C 1,000mg / 1 packet

[30 packets] 7,776 yen per box [11 packets] 2,999 yen per box

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